Fretted or Fretless

.32-20 guitars are available fretted or fretless in 25" or 25.5" scale lengths.

Fretted models feature nickel or brass plated frets.

Fretless models can have wood burned fret lines, position markers, both, or neither. 

3-strings or 4-strings

Who needs 6 strings?

Traditional 3-string and

4-string cigar box guitars are our specialty.  One string diddly bows are also an option. 

Acoustic or Electric

Options include piezo disc (mounted in the box), piezo rod (mounted under the bridge), magnetic pickup, or simple acoustic.

Other options

It's not ALL about cigar boxes...

We will try to string up anything and make music with it!

Cookie tins, lunch boxes, film canisters.  You name it, we will try to play it!