When I was probably in 8th or 9th grade, my brother showed me a picture of some weird looking guitars made by this blues guy named Super Chikan. The one that really got my attention was made from a cigar box.  I didn’t start building then, but that cigar box caught my attention.  I think I  had cigar box guitars in the back of my mind from that point on.

While people eventually "grow out of" certain styles of music, the blues appears to be a genre that most "grow into".  As I got older my musical tastes matured.  I have always had pretty well rounded tastes when it comes to music, but I live in Mississippi and my brother is a blues aficionado, so really, no matter what I was listening to at the time or what kind of band I was playing in, I had one ear pointed at the blues.  So finally, in a effort to find a good low-cost hobby to help me unwind after work, I came back around to cigar box guitars.

I started my first build on the Friday after Thanksgiving 2013. Since that time, I’ve built over 30 cigar box guitars. I’ve named my ‘brand’ .32/20 Guitars after the old blues song by Mississippi’s own King of the Delta Blues, Robert Johnson.
Building CBGs has given me an outlet to express myself, something to feel proud of, and maybe most important, a connection to a wonderful community of fellow builders - some professional, some hobbyists, and some beginners.

I hope you enjoy looking at my CBGs as much as I enjoy making them.